We know you’ve got lots of questions, so here are some answers to satisfy your curiosity!

1. Where can I read the story?
The Ickabog is now available in print, audio and e-book, as well as translated into over 26 languages. Each local edition of the book includes illustrations by the winners of a competition in that territory.

2. What age is the story suitable for?
The story is primarily aimed at seven to twelve year olds. It’s a story best read aloud, so if you have someone to read it to you, even better!

3. Are there pictures in the book?
J.K. Rowling invited young readers aged between seven and twelve years old to illustrate the story for her. Illustrations could be entered into The Ickabog Illustration Competition run and judged by the local publisher. The winning entries were then included in the book.

4. What was The Ickabog Illustration Competition?
It was the official competition run and judged by J.K. Rowling’s publishers, to find illustrations for the book of The Ickabog.
The competitions are now all closed.

5. Was there a prize?
The winners received a prize from the publishers (please see details on the publishers’ competition website), but the biggest prize was seeing their picture featured in a book for thousands of people to see!

6. Can I still send in my picture for the competition?
The publishers’ Illustration competitions are now all closed but do keep drawing and ask a parent or guardian to share on social media. We would still love to see them!

7. How can I share my pictures?
You – or your parent or guardian if you are under thirteen – can share your pictures on Twitter and Instagram by using the hashtag #TheIckabog. By using this hashtag, you agree to our social media terms and agree that we can share your pictures on our social channels.

8. If my picture is shared on social media will I win a prize?
No, this only applied to The Ickabog Illustration Competitions which are now closed. If you still want to share your picture on social media and are under thirteen you will need to ask your parent or guardian to do this for you. Our Social Media Terms can be found here.

9. J.K. Rowling says that she is pledging her royalties to charitable causes. Which ones?
J.K. Rowling is donating her royalties to her charitable trust, The Volant Trust to assist vulnerable groups who have been particularly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK and internationally.

Her royalty donation is expected to be equivalent to a minimum of £1.88 for each hardcover and eBook and £2.00 for each audiobook copy of The Ickabog sold in the UK.

The Volant Charitable Trust is a registered charity in Scotland with charity number SC030790.

10. Is this a Harry Potter or Wizarding World story? Is there any magic or wizards? Is it the first in a series?
The Ickabog is not a Harry Potter story, nor is it set in the wizarding world. It’s an original, one-off story by J.K. Rowling, a fairy tale, set in an imaginary country called Cornucopia.

11. Is the book available in other languages?
Yes, the book is translated into over 26 languages.

12. Will there be a movie adaptation? Will there be a stage play?
At the moment there are no plans to make a movie or stage adaptation of The Ickabog.